Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What the heck!?

Hey there kiddies, I'm Allyson (Miss. Wonderland to you proper folks out there) and this is my knitting blog. The basic goal of this is to collect good karma through knitting. My basic belief is that knitting is a way to enlightenment.

Lemme tell you the story of how this all came to me:

One day Allyson Wonderland was sitting in Biology class making a sweater when it dawned on her; the whole world needed more knitted wear. Hats, scarves and socks mostly. They were practical, quick to make, and most of all each stitch had it's own magic. It held together the next stitch and supported it much like she thought everyone on Earth should do with one another.

Once she had gotten this idea she quickly got started on making several scarves based off her favourite pattern (Found here) all in black then added personal touches to make each one different. She then crafted many hats and so on, passing them out to anyone yearning for something handmade. She started making socks for everyone and felt good about it.

Allyson then wondered, "Hey, could this be the road to enlightenment? Giving everyone something lovingly made?" and so she kept going.

Now after spreading good cheer to her locals, she's decided to move global! Hand knits for everyone!!

The best part for you lovely people is that it's completely free of charge to you. You only contact
me and ask for what you want, socks, scarves, or hats and we'll work out a deal. The only down side is, you get what colours are available to me. I'll try to widen the colour range as demand increases. So world, what would you like for me to make you?

Soon to add to items available:
Sweaters for trees. Why? Because trees need love too.

Contact Allyson Wonderland:

Email: Necromancer4Hire@gmail.com
AIM: SinxOfxVanity
MSN: Necromance42@hotmail.com
Yahoo: RedMercenary_Seiyoku


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